Saturday, October 16, 2010

Die Tschechische Republik

Hey guys,

Here I am once again updating you on my life here in Österreich! Last night I was out at a bar with my new American friends Heather and Erin along with Heather's italian boyfriend Paolo and my new austrian friends Marlene and Anna. At some point around 2:30 AM, Heather's boyfriend leans over and tells me that they are going to the Czech Republic and if I would like, I may come along. How can you turn down a free trip to another country?!?!?!!?! Of course I said yes!

At around noon today we all set off in Paolo's Fiat! After a fairly short but beautiful ride through upper Austria and into the Czech Republic we arrived Cesky Krumlov. What an absolutely beautiful town! To be honest we basically just walked around for a while and then got down to the real business at hand: EATING! We searched high and low for the perfect restaurant. Eventually we found a lovely pub near the Moldau. As it was a rather chilly and overcast day, we all opted for a Glühwein which is just a hot spiced wine and was absolutely perfect for the day! Next we had to have Goulash! How absolutely brilliant! It's kind of like a beef stew but served with dumplings.

After lunch we decided to go up to the Castle. PRETTY! Man, why can't I just have my own castle? The castle in Cesky Krumlov is actually interesting because instead of using masonry etc. they took the plastered walls and painted bricks and masonry and even a few fake windows on the facade! Our last venture in this stunning place was to go for a coffee and Palatschinken (don't worry it's just the czech word for crepes.) I also ordered an irish coffee that I'm not sure had any coffee in it...(eek). Well That's about all I know for the moment. Tomorrow I'm off to hear the Kabenchor in St. Florian which is apparently the second best boys choir in Austria after the one in Vienna! I'll be updating my pictures soon!

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