Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hermine....or the mystery lady!

           So, as promised I did meet the mystery lady from my flight to Austria for coffee today in Linz! (to let you all know she's about 55 or 60) Her name is Hermine and she's a very warm and kind-hearted person. She brought her niece along and the three of us set out into town for coffee! What a wonderful afternoon. We spoke entirely in German (which was absolutely wonderful for me!) and we talked over the differences in our culture and Austria's and everything from the weather to what people do in Linz on the weekends. Her niece is at University in Wien and is studying Business Administration and I think probably has very good English, though we didn't test it much! During our conversation about Oktoberfest in Munich (which I plan on attending btw!) a lady from another lady at a table behind us joined in and told us more about this famous, if expensive, city! After about 2 hours of quatschen (or chatting) it was finally time to go our separate ways. Before I left however, this saintly lady said that she had baked a "Zwetschkekuche" or plum cake and brought along a couple of pieces for me! How incredibly sweet right! It's absolutely delicious, I just tried some while writing this post! She also said that she's in town every Wednesday and as often as is possible we should meet. I quite agree! Ok, that's it for now, I'm off to plan for my trip to Vienna tomorrow morning! (More info and pictures to come!)

Liebe Gruße


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